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          We have members who just enjoy watching FIREWORKS, others that just use 1.4 (backyard type), others that enjoy using 1.3 (the big ones), others that do shows, and members that sale all types of FIREWORKS. If your interested in FIREWORKS we have a place for you!


          Our Officers have spoken at Colleges, schools, training centers on FIREWORKS safety and show set-up. A few members also instruct an International FIREWORKS Safe Shooters Course. We have a great working relationship with BATF, Federal DOT, PHEMSA, State DOT and DEP along with working with many local Police and Fire Departments.


           We provide a safe shoot area with all the permits and insurance needed for our hobby, we are listed and registered with the Pennsylvania State Attorney General and fully insured to do any type of FIREWORKS. Most of our members have been doing FIREWORKS for many years and have the experience to instruct and help new members wanting to learn a new craft. We can help members in getting their own BATF license and in setting up a magazine.


10. Our members have been doing this for years and can help new members learn from years of experience. We are the most active Fireworks Club in the world with the most member benefits.

9. We know all government agencies you'll need, if you want to have your own license to use 1.3 Fireworks and we can help you with the details.

8. If you want to shoot shows or learn how shows are set-up and fired. We can get you experience in what ever direction you wish to go.

7. We have equipment to loan to members doing shows.(*must be active members and meet requirements)

6. We belong to many Fireworks groups, this way we keep up with the newest product, safest shooting policies, new rules and regulations. Many Fireworks Display Companies ask us for shooters for their shows.

5. We've been doing this for over 25 years safely with no insurance claims.

4. Our club has 1 magazine for its use and are in the process of putting another magazine in service. These can help a new license holder with 1.3 contingency storage issues.

3. With 2 magazines and holding BATF manufacturing license the Club can help members who wish to start manufacturing. We have members who build their own shells and rockets, they can teach you also.

2. We have members in almost every section of Pennsylvania, and surrounding states, you'll be close to other's to enjoy your hobby as well.

1. And the number 1 reason to join the Pyrotechnic Artists, Inc.........FIREWORKS!!!!!!!  


*** Please contact us for an application, we do not put applications on-line as you must attend a meeting to be voted in. We accept anyone as long as they are at least 18 years old, we also have family memberships, for spouse and children under 18, (only 1 vote per membership), guest are permitted but must be sponsored by a member for safety reasons. You will also be asked to fill out an: U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Employee Possessor Questionnaire. This is required to use and handle 1.3 Fireworks. This is a Federal background check. Dues structure $100.00 single $125.00 family yearly, this is your total cost, many other club have membership fees and then shoot fees, clean up fees. We believe you join a Fireworks club to shoot Fireworks not to be charged out of your hobby, just remember you get more out of every hobby, as much or more YOU help out your club.


Thanks for your interest and we looking forward to meeting you and lighting up the night with you!

Pyrotechnic Artists, Inc.

 "The Sky is our Canvas and Fire our Paint"

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